Bruce Beffa

Beffa Films officially began in 2005 but you could say my start as a filmmaker began at the age of 15 while splicing film for my sister’s NYC documentary film company. You can even say that my calling to tell pure, simple stories harks back further, when a young lad with a pretty kooky hairstyle and even wilder imagination brimmed with curiosity and wanderlust.

Six continents, over 40 countries and more than 25 years later as a writer, producer and director of acclaimed, multi Emmy Award-winning non-fiction projects, I’ve been privileged to hear hundreds upon hundreds of folks tell their uniquely remarkable stories – often through the lens of sport – and then create what I hope are memorable films.

Along this incredible journey I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate for more than a decade with one of the most amazing storytellers of them all: documentary filmmaker Bud Greenspan, who passed away in 2010.  He was my mentor.  Even more, he continues to be my guiding light.

And the best part of it all: today I still feel blessed to tell these authentic real-life stories for television and film with my curiosity, wanderlust, imagination and – hopefully – a better haircut still firmly in tow.